Paul Deimos

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Paul Deimos was born in Verona, Italy. During the 1980s he studied at the Art Institute "Nani" and the following decade he moved to Rome and enrolled at the "Sharoff" Academy of Dramatic Art. There, he not only studied acting but also learnt to be a Theatre producer. While he was at the accademy he worked in their theatrical productions and at the same time collaborated with other theatre companies,putting on works by Heinrich von Kleist (" The Prince of Homburg"), Arthur Miller (" A view from the Bridge"), and Samuel Beckett (" Waiting for Godot"). In 1997 he moved again - to Milan this time- and there he founded a theatre company called SAD ( EXPERIMENTING ART and DRAMA), where he directed works by Chekhov (" The Bear" and " The Wedding"). For a short time he also worked as an actor for theatre company " The youth of Carcano", putting on Eduardo De Filippo's " "Wonderful Misery" under the direction of Aldo Masella. He even occupied his time writing scripts for short and medium-lenght films. It was during this period that he began to dedicate time to painting and design. This proved to be a turning poiny inhis life, for it marked the beginning of an artistic career that would never abandon. Deimos has developed his own philosophy of style an artistic "journey" of searching which, after a brief figurative period, has seen him slowly evolving and becoming an increasingly complex artistic entity, from his " figurative " period to that of abstract, them three-dimensional conceptual, to a style that could be defined as Art-Design or Ard-Design ( Art applied to design and to furnishings ), also as a functionaly philosophy. Paul Deimos continues with his painting and design, but at the same time maintains his interest in script-writing for the theatre and for short and medium-lenght films.